Public Relations.

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How the public views your business and your interactions with that target audience has a direct impact on your company's reputation and success. Whether you are promoting the ongoing operations of new multifaceted developments or resolving a crisis and reinforcing your company's value, GTMA's public relations professionals provide the tools our clients need to communicate effectively and lead the public. 


As your management consultant agency, our public relations professionals at GTMA create strategic communication plans using both traditional and modern public relations media, as well as social media influencer outreach to raise awareness of your brand among target audiences. We work with you every step of the way, hosting regular meetings or conference calls to discuss business objectives and upcoming action items.

Our data-driven digital marketing and advertising agency develops consistent messaging, keywords, and talking points that bolster the unique selling points and factors that set your business apart from the competition in your market. We identify target audiences — geographically and by industry, position, etc. — and organize targeted media outreach lists for your specified objectives by each market sector and industry.

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As a full-service digital agency, we have the unique ability to leverage the value of media coverage and exposure of your online brand. By writing and distributing press releases and generating media coverage, our PR agency experts build your online reputation and drive more highly-qualified, relevant traffic to your website. Our social media marketing specialists promote articles and develop compelling organic campaigns that integrate with our public relations efforts, creating synergy with aligned messaging.


We build and design a digital "catch-all" media kit, otherwise known as an electronic press kit (EPK). This press kit includes a comprehensive document set, branded design work to match (GTMA-produced assets), a print resolution optimized version for hard copy printing, and a web-safe downloadable version for your website press page. In addition to the customizable content specific to your campaign needs.

Popular customized content:

Artwork, imagery, + digital collateral.

Bios of company + key stakeholders.

Company backgrounder.

Fact sheet.

Official press release.

Recap of previous press coverage + awards clippings.

Apartment brand booklet.
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Being a data-focused, research-oriented public relations and marketing agency, GTMA monitors, tracks, and reports on media coverage and print services to provide ongoing updates of outreach efforts. But it doesn't stop there! We produce monthly status reporting, a final summary report, and offer strategic communication assistance throughout the duration of your campaign.