Andrew Trecha


Andrew is a Web Developer at GTMA that was born and raised in Canada by Czech and Slovak parents and came to the Pacific Northwest via San Diego, California, where he started work in the field of web design in the year 2000.

His work has been informed over the last twenty years through experiences he’s had working in various agencies, educational institutions, eCommerce solutions, and as a freelance Web Designer/Developer.

Attracted to graphic design, typography, and visual arts at an early age, he incorporates all he’s learned to help ensure his projects communicate the clients’ message as effectively as possible.

Continuously learning about and expanding his craft, Andrew enjoys reviewing the challenges in every project and using them as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Andrew is a lifelong musician, recording artist, and performer. When he’s not playing his favorite Fender Telecaster, he can be found building guitar pedals and guitar pickups, or riding and maintaining his road race bike. He currently resides in Vancouver, WA with his wife, Cristina, and their three cats, Sashabear, Rikki Baker, and Zima.