Erik Werth


Erik Werth is a Graphic Designer at GTMA. Erik has had a lifelong fascination with storytelling and the construction and pursuit of meaning. This has always blended with an artistic sensibility and an interest in computers and technology. Those worlds first had their professional fusion in the early twenty-tens when Erik began illustrating and designing book covers for clients in New Mexico.

Since those first forays into the world of design it has been an ever deepening and expanding relationship. This mission to improve and grow ultimately led to the completion of a degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University. During this time Erik applied his previous management experience into his role as Designer & Manager of the Portland State Graphic Design Center, gaining insight and context for leadership and the strategic side of Graphic Design.

Erik now enjoys working with the GTMA team and our clients to realize their branding and design needs through context specific goal oriented design.

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