Evan Cottle


Evan Cottle is an Editor in the Creative Services team at GTMA. His job is mainly focused on supporting everyone else in the Creative Services team. This means he does a little bit of everything from design to filming and editing videos. Helping out wherever he can and being able to do multiple different types of projects is why he loves working in the digital media field. He also loves connecting with people and being creative and this is what inspired him to get his degree from the Digital Technology and Culture program of digital media at Washington State University Vancouver. Combined with his passion for connecting with people, he loves to use his skills to hear people’s stories and to tell those stories through the lens of his camera.

In his spare time he is driven by adventure, and he spends most of his time hiking, traveling, and doing new things that push him outside of his comfort zone. Backpacking is one of his favorite sports for that reason, because it pushes him to his limits in his favorite place in the world, the beautiful outdoors. His last trip was into the Northern Washington Cascade wilderness with several friends to fish in a remote alpine lake that was long ago stocked with a non-native fish. After a 2 day trip up a mountain they caught and ate those fish to bring in the sense of accomplishment that hard work pays off. Evan does his best to bring that lesson into his career every day!

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