Hayley Pearson


Hayley is a Designer and Illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a Graphic Designer for GTMA. She went to Oregon State University where she studied design, art, business marketing, and sustainability. Hayley achieved a B.F.A in Graphic Design and Studio Art in 2019. She previously was a Designer and Creative + Marketing Associate at LoRa Alliance®, where she created and managed their social media presence and helped create campaigns with partners globally to inform about IoT and Sustainability. Hayley’s creative passions are fueled by strategic branding, whimsical packaging, and sustainable solutions. Her love for “beautifully cool things” is what inspires her every day. In her free time, Hayley is an avid camper, skier, beach lover, and foodie. Aside from design and illustrating – her recent creative endeavor has been sewing and dreaming up her own patterns for clothes.

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