Joel Clapp


Joel is a video editor and motion graphics artist at GTMA and a post-baccalaureate researcher with the Electronic Literature Lab.  Prior to GTMA, Joel was a radio DJ and soundboard operator for 5 years at KLOG, KUKN Country, and The Wave. Previously, he was a financial services representative. He values new experiences and is driven by a need to learn and find new mediums of creative expression.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture and a Game Studies and Design certificate from Washington State University Vancouver.

In the rare times he is not working, Joel is still usually at his desk drawing, painting, working on personal animation projects, and making video games. His art has been used for table-top roleplaying games and draws inspiration from old sci-fi and fantasy novels, comic books, metal bands, and obscure horror movies. The cheesier the better.

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