Kaitlyn Slorey


Kaitlyn is a Graphic Designer for GTMA where she is responsible for a wide range of content production. From designing ads to editing short form videos, Kaitlyn’s skills go beyond just design work. Previously, she worked for GTMA as a Social Media Specialist right out of graduation from WSU Vancouver, and has been with the company since 2018. During her schooling, she majored in Creative Media & Digital Culture while also achieving a minor in Fine Arts. Other than her degree, Kaitlyn has gained experience in her field by working for WSUV’s art publication as their Marketing Director and later Visual Arts Editor. Kaitlyn finds her greatest passion in exploring ideas of what makes good design, and how these trends impact the world of social media. Outside of graphic design, Kaitlyn is a lover of all things art and music, and can be found doing printmaking, attending live shows, and listening to her vinyl collection in her spare time.

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