Larry Taylor


Larry began life in the brightly lit corridor of a hospital in Portland, OR, where he was too impatient to start his time in this world to wait for a room in the maternity ward. Today, he is a member of the Social Ads wing of the Media Strategy department at GTMA. Along the way, he spent some time living in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, but he managed to find his way home. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Azusa Pacific University and is currently working towards a second degree online.

At the agency, Larry holds the record for the most desks occupied (8), having switched locations in the office with every move to a new team or department. He began his time at GTMA as a blogger, then added Organic Social Media, then dropped the blogging, then began blogging again, and finally moved to the Social Ads team. Outside the office, or his home if there’s a pandemic, Larry enjoys a karaoke night with friends, an afternoon on a golf course, and a nice single malt scotch.

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