Madelaine Olbricht


Madelaine is a user experience and interface designer who joined GTMA in January 2022, right after graduating from Washington State University Vancouver with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology and Culture. While in university, she also earned a certificate in Social Media with a focus on branding and digital marketing. Madelaine’s varied history in design, from working as a freelance web designer to interning in the communications and design department of the Hockinson School District, has given her experience creatively solving problems on the fly. Madelaine is endlessly fascinated by the ability to craft curated impressions and believes in the importance of conducting research before embarking on any project in order to come up with an efficient solution and tell an effective story. Her favorite thing about design is seeing someone smile when a previous source of frustration has been resolved, and her primary goal is to continuously grow and learn. When not working, Madelaine likes to exercise her creativity in a variety of ways such as drawing, sewing, sculpting, and making giant earrings. She also enjoys going on adventures with friends and getting slushies (cherry and coke flavors mixed together are the best) in addition to taking care of her ever-growing plant collection and a veritable zoo of animals.

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