Peter Novakovic

Account Executive

Peter Novakovic is an Account Executive here at GTMA. At GTMA as an Account Executive, Peter ensures that our clients are fully supported and educated throughout the sales process from the introductory call through to the signing of agreements. After working as a Research & Field Marketer at, Peter made his way to GTMA and moved with the company to the PNW in 2018. Within 3 years Peter has progressed from a Coordinator to Account Executive by displaying in-depth market knowledge, management and execution of interdepartmental projects, and most importantly poise under high pressure situations. Peter embodies the company value ever-evolving and service. Focusing on these two values he approaches potential partnerships with the tools needed to allow GTMA to positively contribute to their business in the most effective ways possible.

Outside of work, Peter is an avid reader, proud dog owner, and an outspoken technophile.
Whether it’s helping friends and neighbors build the PC’s of their dreams, or helping his grandmother figure out how to use FaceTime, Peter enjoys helping others achieve things they never thought possible through utilizing today’s technological advancements.

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