Rachel Johnson


Rachel is an Account Manager at GTMA. She was born in Portland, OR, and graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, WA with a BA in Business Marketing, and a Minor in Digital Technology & Culture.
Rachel is driven by her passion to help others, create unique marketing strategies, and take on complex problem-solving situations.
Prior to GTMA, Rachel worked in sales and marketing for six years specializing in strategic planning, project management, and social media marketing. She began her career working as a Marketing Manager for a local oil company where she oversaw the development of a new company website, negotiated advertising partnerships, and realigned the company’s brand across 6 physical locations. During this time, she also ran the Catering and Event Sales department. Rachel then went on to develop her professional skills working as a Hotel Sales Manager at a resort in Reno, NV. After a year in that position, she was then promoted to the position of Social Media Marketing Manager. Rachel has worked for multiple resort and convention hotel properties.
Outside of the office, you can find Rachel on a trail run, reading a new book, or spending time with her pets.

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