Regan Breeden


Regan Breeden is a Copywriter on the SEO team at GTMA. She’s passionate about words—reading them, writing them, and choosing the right ones to help brands tell their stories online (and have those stories be seen). Before GTMA, she worked at a copywriting company that managed SEO-rich blog campaigns and multi-phase sales funnel builds for brands looking to generate leads—and convert them into loyal clients—through copy that nurtures lasting relationships. She holds a master’s in English (Rhetoric and Composition) from Oregon State University, and taught introductory composition courses there as one of the many hats she wore before going all-in with the digital marketing field. During her downtime, you’re most likely to find her climbing up rocks. Plastic rocks in a climbing gym, outside boulders, 100-ft basalt routes—it’s all good to her. She’s also an avid cook and eater, as well as a lover of anything outdoors.

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