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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: National Digital Marketing Firm Relocates Headquarters to Vancouver

GTMA Anticipates Hiring 25 this Year

VANCOUVER, Wash. – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – Digital marketing agency GTMA has officially opened the doors of its new headquarters at the Columbia Tech Center in Vancouver, Washington.

GTMA is a growing full-service marketing and branding firm specializing in real estate and hospitality. With clients across the country, GTMA offers a comprehensive package of services including design, web development, social advertising, lead generation, SEO, photography, and video production.

“Clark County has seen strong growth in the knowledge-based economy fueled by dynamic companies such as GTMA,” said Mike Bomar, President, CREDC. “Creative firms naturally bring great energy and momentum to the surrounding area and we have no doubt GMTA will further this trend.”

Formerly based in Los Angeles, California, GTMA chose to expand and relocate its headquarters to Vancouver due to a combination of business and quality of life factors.

“The increasing cost of doing business in California was really unattractive for future growth, given the fact that we can provide service to our clients from anywhere,” said CEO Joshua Swanson, GTMA. “As we looked at Clark County, we found a number of advantages, including a better business climate, more affordable housing, and access to a growing creative workforce in the Vancouver and Portland metro region. Plus, we like craft beer, wine country, and great coffee shops, so this community was an ideal fit!”

GTMA currently has 50 total employees, with 15 located in Vancouver. The company is actively hiring to build out its local team and expects to add approximately 25 jobs throughout the year.

“We are excited to dive into the Pacific Northwest culture and do our part to make it that much more interesting and eclectic,” Swanson.

GTMA also noted that one of their passions as a company is partnering with local nonprofits that work with the homeless and they will be looking for opportunities to work with local organizations as a way to give back to the community. 

“We are excited to welcome GTMA to their new home in the City of Vancouver and look forward to their future growth,” said Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Mayor, City of Vancouver. “With a company culture that embraces a commitment to giving back and getting involved in issues they care about, we believe they will be a great addition to our community.”

About the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC)

Serving Clark County since 1982, CREDC is a private-public partnership of over 150 investors and strategic partners working together to advance the economic vitality of Clark County through business growth and innovation. Through collaborative leadership, the CREDC promotes job creation and capital investment while maintaining the County’s exceptionally high quality of life.

About GTMA

GTMA is a team of storytellers, passionate social experts, and multifamily specialists. We reach the millions of Americans who have incorporated social media into their daily lives and tell stories that drive future residents out of the virtual space and through the front doors of communities. We design and execute unique comprehensive social media campaigns for multifamily real estate.

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