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Short Form Video Content.

Today’s battle for people’s attention is won (or lost) within seconds. At GTMA, we transform the ideas that guide your message into captivating visual experiences with short-form videos like Custom Micro-Moments, Animation + Motion, Graphics Cinemagraphs, and more.


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  Micro-Moments by GTMAAnimation and Motion Graphics by GTMACinemagraphs by GTMADigital Content Booster by GTMA                    





Capture the attention of your audience with short videos we call micro-content. Whether it be custom or using your existing assets post-production, these quick video clips can be great for use on all kinds of platforms. 


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Animations are a great way to help convey a simple message or explain elaborate concepts in a cost-effective and visually appealing way. Branded and micro-animations can breathe life into your company’s online personality. 


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Cinemagraphs bring still photos to life by editing simple repeating movements that form short video clips. These live pictures engage your audience on all kinds of digital platforms, from your social media pages to your website.  


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Keep your visual digital marketing assets fresh with a package that gives you 10 pieces of content a month, like infographics, cinemagraphs, Instagram Stories, branded flyers, and more created just for you by GTMA.  


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Product infographic.

  • 1 image with 2-3 callouts.
  • Limited to 2 revisions.


Digital rack card.

  • 1 branded template.
  • Update descriptions each month.



  • 1 provided photo.
  • Limited to 2 revisions.


Photo Editing/Touch-Up.

  • Up to 6 photos, 2-hour maximum per month.


Branded Flyer.

  • 2-hour maximum per month.


Google Ads.

  • PPC re-design.
  • Client provides photos.
  • Limited to 2 revisions.


Instagram Story.

  • 1 Story.


Organic Facebook Instant Experience (Canvas).

  • 1 organic instant experience post.