Libby Lewis


Libby Lewis is an Account Manager at GTMA and currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband/best friend Johnluke, and Yorkie poo, Jaimo. Prior to GTMA, Libby was the Director of Operations for Worship Online where she spent significant time executing marketing campaigns, building partnerships in the music industry, and leading the core team. She graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology and a minor in business. 

Libby began her career working for The Escape Game headquarters, where she organized over 50 events that focused on building a strong company culture as they grew by over 300% in just the first 2 years. She assisted the marketing team in branding for new games and helped design store lobbies in Mall of America and San Francisco that benefitted product sales and customer experience. Libby is driven by her passion to empower teams, solve problems, and execute ideas into results.

When Libby is not working, you can find her playing the piano, hiking, and harmonizing to every song possible. During college, she worked as an Opera singer for Macaroni grill where she came in second place in the country for singing happy birthday in Italian. She also directed her university choir and toured the country as part of the lead worship team.

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