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Case Study: Peak Campus Giveaway Meets Razz Rewards

Storytelling For The Digital Age

GTMA is a band of digital storytellers, and we’re always seeking out new avenues to bridge technology and the art of storytelling — we call it synergy ‘round here.  And we’re pretty excited about the synergy we’ve created between GTMA, Razz Interactive and Peak Campus with a multi-faceted campaign aiming to drastically increase renewals and new leases. Here’s how we do it.


Peak Campus Sweepstakes

What would you do with $10,000? Pretend you’re a college student for a moment.  Now, what would you do with $10,000?!  An all-expenses-paid trip to Europe with your best friends?  Or go the responsible route, pay off your student loans!  This is the question we’re asking college students to answer, and one lucky student will get to make that choice at the end of the Peak Campus $10,000 Getaway Giveaway in December.  Students are entered to win when they lease or renew with Peak Campus, and have the ability to increase their chances of winning along the way (more on that in a second).  Sweepstakes are a tried and true incentive program, but we’re taking this idea and evolving it into something far more valuable to the Peak Campus brand — that’s where the Razz Rewards platform comes in.  Razz Rewards leverages the power of gamification and sweepstakes to turn our social audiences into advocates for the Peak Campus brand.


Razz Rewards

Razz rewards is a one-of-a-kind platform that bridges the gap between brands and social storytelling.  With an enticing 10k sweepstakes, students sign a lease or renews and from there will be informed by a leasing agent and an automatic email that they can receive MORE entries to the sweepstakes by going to our sweepstakes page and taking a selfie.  It doesn’t end there.  On the rewards platform, users get ‘points’ for tweeting, posting, watching videos, etc. about Peak Campus properties and the points are carried with that user and recorded on the platform.  Students are thereby incentivized to become social advocates  for the sweepstakes and ultimately, the Peak Campus brand.


Invaluable Data Gathering With Razz Rewards

As marketers, data is everything.  Our creative storytelling efforts would be wasted without some numbers to ground our storytelling strategy.  That’s why Razz Rewards’ built in performance reporting is invaluable to a successful campaign.  The kind of data we gather tells us what tasks users complete, how many points they earn, where they were located while on the platform, what kind of device they’re using, how they were referred to the site, and even how many times they shared about the campaign on their personal social channels. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge we are better able to target users who find this platform useful, continue engaging with our brand, and invite others to do so in the process.


In just one month this brand new platform has engaged with 1/3 of all residents who received an email.  Users spending over 5 minutes using the app is an incredible testament to the interactive and engaging quality of this platform, wow!


Original Video = Storytelling Gold

Not only does this approach link web traffic with social advertising and a uniquely adaptive platform, GTMA’s original video content sweetens the pot.  Video content consumption by far outpaces other forms of content online, with the average amount of time people spend consuming online video content set to increase 19.8% by the end of 2016 according to ZenithOptimedia’s Online Video Forecasts.  ROI on video advertising is high compared to other forms of digital media, making video the ideal beginning, middle, and end to the 10k Peak Campus Sweepstakes story.



Follow Along

Peak Campus unveiled their 10k giveaway with razz rewards at the beginning of the month, and we’re following along with the story, and at the end — we hope to have a deeply engaged audience who are enthusiastic social advocates for Peak Campus, and plenty of leases to show for it.  follow along with us!

Campaign Results

Results & Testimonies collected over a 4-month period:

Users on the app: 7,127

Users on renewal registration email – received: 6,822 ; registered: 1,834

Average duration on web app: 5 mins, 11 secs

Total activities / tasks completed: 29,058

Total “points” awarded: 50,683,900

Video views from native YouTube and Venmo links: 3,945+

Number of renewals signed through campaign entries: 7,448 (1,242 more than last year, representing a 120% increase over last year for Peak Campus)

Total renewals for Peak Campus: 9,345 (2,517 more than the same time last year, representing a 137% increase)

“We hit more renewals than last year… Overall the experience was great in working with you all, and (we) found a true partnership through the process.” – Kaylene Dabbs, Marketing Project Coordinator for Peak Campus

Top 10 activities completed through the campaign’s web app:

1. Renewal of lease! (heck yes!)

2. Visit to the site

3. Registration on

4. View of episode 1 of video series

5. View of specific micro-moment from video

6. View of specific micro-moment from video

7. Connecting with Facebook page

8. Visit to specific community’s website

9. Visit to specific community on Instagram

10. Visit to specific community’s website


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