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Developing a Killer Google Plus Strategy

Oh, Google Plus… the network that many people forget about, probably unfairly so. Maybe you’ve never even used Google Plus (or, as it’s often known, Google+), and you’ve only heard the name. But what you may not realize is that having a strategy for Google Plus can actually be very beneficial to your business overall. You’ve built your brand across your social media platforms, and now it’s time to add a killer Google Plus strategy to the mix. We at GTMA want to help!

Google Plus Strategy Knowledge Graph

The Right Stuff

Your Google Plus page is actually connected to your Google Business listing, so it’s important to have the right information listed. What does that mean? Well, try Google searching an apartment community, and you’ll find all the important and relevant information you need to know about it pops up on Google’s Knowledge Graph, such as the hours, the address, the phone number, and reviews. Hence, the first and most important step is to make your Google Plus profile as up-to-date as possible with all necessary information that will help make it easy for any potential resident to Google you and actually find you!

Additionally, your Google Plus page will allow you to upload photos, which will often be the first impression people experience when they search for your community online. Make sure these photos are ones that represent your brand well and showcase all your favorite amenities and highlights of your property and community. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression – and you’d be surprised at the sheer majority of people who get their first impression from a simple Google search.

Google Plus Strategy Circles

Circling Up

Google Plus has what we call “circles,” which are essentially spheres of influence and followers that you gain as you build your community’s brand. First and foremost, create a few “circles” for your page to start utilizing – maybe label them things like, “Potential Residents,” “Favorite Restaurants,” and “Local Businesses.” From there, you can add to your specific “circles” other people or businesses that have a Google Plus page , the same way you would “like” a page on Facebook or “follow” someone on Twitter! And it works both ways, as other people and businesses can add you back, and you’ll see the number of people in your “circles” start to grow!

What’s the deal with circles, you ask? Well, you can actually tailor the content you post to your specific circles and spheres of influence, which can be tremendously influential when it comes to posting content that only appeals to certain groups or demographics. Have a special deal you’re offering at the property? Share it only with your Potential Residents. Heard a bit of neighborhood news that will impact the community? Tailor it to just the Local Businesses. As you continue to engage with the community, you’ll start to realize which types of posts apply to which circles, and then you can build your brand accordingly.

Google Plus Strategy Communities

A Heart for the Community

Social media is a huge, important factor for your property’s digital strategy, but there’s no use in reinventing the wheel. What Google Plus has done differently than many other networks is offer the chance to join established “communities” on the network that have a lot to offer! These not only provide the benefits of giving your page content resources and inspiration, but it can also be an opportunity to establish your presence and give to others.

How can you make Google Plus “communities” work for your brand? It’s all about engagement! Joining a community like “Apartment Life in Atlanta” or “Dog Lovers in Seattle” will give you the opportunity to establish who you are, tell people the great lifestyle you have to offer, and gain a large network of people who share in interests that your property has! And remember, you can be as influential or generous in an online community as you choose to be – so start engaging with the people you meet.

As a multifamily property, there are many ways you can develop your Google Plus business page to boost your digital presence, build your brand, and establish yourself not just for your residents, but in the community as a whole. No longer does Google Plus have to be “the other network,” but instead a thriving part of your property’s strategy as you engage with the community around you. Now, with these tips from your friends at GoToMyApartment, you can build your property’s digital presence in new, unique ways, not to mention have a killer property listing for anybody who Google searches your business. So let’s get it up and running!

If you’re using Google Plus for your business, how is it helping you? Conversely, how can Google Plus improve? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @GoToMyApartment.

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