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GTMA Guide to the AIM Conference Part I: Brand Consistency

Let’s not forget that when you’re building an apartment community, you’re building (or contributing to) a brand. And with brand building comes an array of different components to pay attention to such as identity, values, mission statements, etc. People need reasons to connect and care about you.

With potential renters doing their research from their mobile devices and desktops, your apartment community’s brand needs to be able to connect with them across a variety of different platforms without compromising any of the above components. Maintaining that brand consistency is huge in retaining new and current residents’ attention.

PPC Campaigns

Often, this is one’s first interaction with your brand when they search for luxury apartments in a given city. Make sure your taglines are consistent, and that your unique voice shines through.

Social Media and Social Advertising Campaigns

An enormous amount of focus should be on refining your social media campaigns. Make sure your profile and cover photos are high quality and branded, and that the content that you’re posting is in-line with your ultimate mission. Introduce Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads into the mix to reach a new, highly-targeted audience.

Media Production

If your apartment community is top-notch luxury, then your video and photo production needs to represent that. No one will believe in your brand for one second if you aren’t putting the best represtation of your apartment community out there. Use your social presence and advertising arms as distribution tools for these media pieces. And I’ll always stress for you to think about microcontent. Our attentions are just too short these days.

Responsive Website

The website is the backbone of all of the above, and all channels feed into this one. Ultimately, these potential renters are coming to your website to do their extended research. And current residents are logging in to pay rent and make service requests. The functionality of your site needs to be congruent with what you stand for. Your target audience expects certains things from you at this point, and that includes a website that is valuable, responsive to all devices, and has the details people are looking for. The details about where they are about to call home.

And it all starts with how you build your brand.

Apartment Marketing Digital Marketing




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