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GTMA Picks Up Wins at IAC and The Addys

GTMA Wins Big!

GTMA is excited to announce another round of awards at the IAC and Addys this year. GTMA stands apart from the multifamily marketing industry as the only company recognized for integration of creative, technology, and media awards outside of multifamily. The awards recognize GTMA’s innovative digital campaigns on behalf of clients and original video content created to promote GTMA brand services.

We develop campaigns that integrate ideas, insights and technologies to tell a brand’s story and inspire user engagement,” said Joshua Swanson, CEO of GTMA. We’re honored to be          recognized by the IAC and ADDY’s judges for our approach and creative work.


GTMA took a different approach with these videos, instead of just showing a product GTMA brought the users into the experience with a meta-style interaction.   A video about retargeting services was served to users through retargeting, effectively showcasing the products capabilities creatively in a way illustrated the technique and introduced it at the same time.  Using a similar approach with the award winning Canvas campaign, GTMA created a video specifically for this mobile platform to mirror the user experience, and saw user interaction and time spent in the ad nearly doubled.

GTMA’s IAC Awards:
Category/Award: Best Real Estate Social Media campaign
Entry Name: Canvas by GTMA For Apartment Marketing

Category/Award: Best Real Estate Online Video
Entry Name: Reputation Management Theatre

GTMA’s ADDY Awards:

Category: Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Film/Video/Sound
Award: Bronze
Company: GoToMyApartment
Entry Name: You’ve Been Retargeted
Credits: Joshua Swanson, Writer/Performer ; Jason Naumann, Director; Peter Schwartz, Editor
Graphics; Kevin Sambells, Cinematographer

Category: Social Media, Single Execution

Award: Bronze
Entry Name: GTMA Does Canvas by Facebook Client Name: GoToMyApartment
Credits: Joshua Swanson, Writer / Host ; Jason Naumann, Director; Peter Schwartz, Art Director / Editor; Kevin Sambells, Cinematographer

To date, GTMA has garnered numerous awards and industry accolades for the successful integration of its creative, media and technology solutions that drive unique campaigns and drive measurable results for client partners.

The IAC Awards were developed by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible and showcase award winning Internet advertising. IAC judges, comprised of professionals in the advertising and Internet worlds, selected winners based on the following criteria: creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting and use of the medium.  The American Advertising Awards, formerly the ADDY Awards, is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting more than 40,000 entries every year in local American Advertising Federation Club (Ad Club) competitions.

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