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GTMA’s Guide to NMHC Optech 2016

NMHC is the premier destination for what’s next in multifamily, and this week, hundreds of multifamily leaders will gather at the NMHC Optech Conference to elevate the multifamily industry across many sectors from management to technology.

At GTMA, we’re talkers. So we couldn’t help but add our two cents to some of the marketing topics of discussion at this year’s Optech Conference.  Join us for some deeper conversation on conference breakout sessions, and pairings with Dallas’s must see, eats, and drinks!  Did you know that the first margarita machine was invented in Dallas?  Yep, you’re in for a good time!


Tuesday’s breakout session “Illuminating Insights – New Research Shines Light on the Motivation and Behavior of Prospects and Renters” is one we’re eager to hear more on. We’ve discussed this topic on the GTMA blog, specifically about why residents are no longer are residents simply looking for shiny new amenities and seek an experience instead. Our blog focuses on how to communicate an experience to prospective renters! Take a look, and while you’re at it — we recommend grabbing a cappuccino at Dallas’ Houndstooth Coffee, can’t beat it!

Experience the Lifestyle Make Them Feel at Home

Texas Espresso Shot

“Your Ideal Renter: Using Segmentation Data to Find, Get and Keep Them”

Ah segmentation data, a real attention grabber!  Dense as it may be, understanding this type of data is key for the multifamily industry moving forward.  According to the agenda, the panelists will discuss the importance of examining demographics based on location, asset type and even unit type. This discussion will also uncover ways to develop your ideal renter psychographic profile with micro-data, which will be HUGE in the coming year. The session features an industry economist, a marketing marketing mastermind, and an operations exec.  We’re intrigued by the combination of ideas these three panelists will bring forth on this topic!


Wednesday we’re interested in “The New Hip-sters: Planning Now for an Older Demographic”, a topic we’ve been digging into in detail over the last few weeks here at GTMA. This session is expected to cover how the industry can adjust to cater the growing millennial renter generation.  GTMA’s latest blog post “Mindful Multifamily Management in The 21st Century” details the best methods for approaching a generation that’s been referred to as ‘perpetual renters’.  After a long conference day we recommend some learn by doing with this topic by visiting the 10 Best Hipster Bars in Dallas. Who knows, you could be headed to Thursday’s conference with a brand new flannel and a love for PBR!

Mindful Multifamily Management Graphic


A final GTMA recommendation for Dallas: Cane Rosso for the best pizza in Dallas.  Get the honey bastard (hot soppressata, bacon jam, and habanero honey), you won’t regret it! 

Cane Rosso Pizza


Enjoy your NMHC Optech, and look for some NMHC Optech Conference Snapchat filters provided by Team GTMA!

GTMA's Guide to NMHC Optech

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