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Missed Opportunities With Your Yelp Business Listing

When I was in the market for a new place to call home, my apartment hunt started off like Goldilocks’ fairy tale—not too big, not too small, all my go-to stores close by, endless dining options, reliable public transportation and beautiful parks. But finding an apartment that was “just right” had proven to be quite the challenge once I Yelped them. Many of them had awful reviews, outdated and inaccurate business information and zero responses from the staff. Luckily, one property won me over with a Yelp business listing that really stood out. They had me in their leasing funnel faster than I could type! In retrospect, there were a lot of missed opportunities many of these multifamily communities could have taken advantage of on Yelp. Here are a few missed opportunities we see here at GTMA on the regular.  

Unverified Listings

Do you have a presence on Yelp? If you haven’t already, claim your listing and remove duplicate listings. Don’t miss the opportunity to take ownership of your amazing property and how it is perceived by the Yelp community. After claiming it, you’ll want to make it appealing to Yelp users. Post high-quality photos of resident events, amenities, and the property itself. Verify the business hours and add a welcome message for visitors.

Not Optimized For Google Searches

Once you’ve verified your Yelp listing, your next step is to optimize the listing like you would your website. This includes implementing an SEO strategy for your business listing, giving it the potential to rank for more relevant keywords than just your property name. Yelp is one of the highest ranking sites on Google so failing to capitalize on this is probably the biggest opportunity you’re currently missing. And the higher you rank for relevant keywords, the more potential you have to drive targeted traffic from potential residents.

Not Optimized For Yelp Searches

Google is not the only search engine you want to optimize for; Yelp is a search engine too! Make sure your listing is labeled under the right business category and that your listing’s community name matches the same naming convention used for your SEO property name and all property information associated with your digital marketing campaign. Remember to also include your target keywords throughout the listing.

Inconsistent Branding Or Messaging

You’ve reeled them in with the right keywords and visuals; now it’s time to keep them moving along the leasing funnel with a compelling offer that inspires them to schedule a tour and sign a lease. One way to make a great first impression is through consistent branding and messaging that works synergistically with your SEO and other lead-generating campaigns. Another way to impress interested prospects is with timely responses to reviews. Whether you’re addressing a resident complaint or showing appreciation for positive feedback, make sure your responses are consistent with your core messaging and any specials mentioned match ongoing promotions in other parts of your overall marketing campaign.

Upgrade Your Listing With An Enhanced Profile!

Yelp is used by over five million people a day, and over 90 million people each month. Around 82% of Yelp users are visiting because they are ready to buy a product or service. Treat Yelp like online dating by putting your best foot forward. The care you take in managing your Yelp business listing demonstrates a commitment to providing prospective residents with a good experience once they sign a lease.

Looking for even more advanced Yelp strategies? Get ahead of your competition by upgrading your Yelp business listing to an Enhanced Profile with GTMA. We’ve got an all-inclusive Yelp solution that includes a custom GTMA-produced 15-second video commercial for your community, reduced-cost CPC campaigns, and much more.  Contact us today to learn more about how you can maximize the potential of your Yelp listing. 

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