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#PetFriendly Communities Mean Loyalty (And Not Just From The Dogs)

The American Humane Society reports that 72% of renters have pets — woof that’s a good chunk of the population!  Yet despite the overwhelming percentage of pet owners, an survey found that renters still experience difficulty finding pet friendly housing, and tragically housing problems are one of the main reasons pets are given up to animal shelters.

GTMA isn’t in the business of making pet friendly policies or buildings, but we are in the business of helping people find the right homes for right now, and thus we stand at the intersection of pets and communities in the digital realm.  Connecting residents with housing that accommodates both them and their family members (furry ones included) has naturally progressed to online advertising and marketing efforts, and the result of multifamily’s attention to pet friendly online has payed off in a major way.

We may be biased in favor of all that is cute and fuzzy, but one thing is certain: pet friendly and digital marketing is a match made in heaven. Why?  If there’s one thing that universally brings people together, it’s animals.

If the following face doesn’t melt your heart, you may want to seek therapy…

Dogs and cats do well on the Internet, and that plays well with both marketing and social media.  However, one of the most rewarding and lasting benefits of promoting pet friendly housing as part of a digital strategy is the sense of community that can be built with the help of our four-legged friends.  Yappy hours, bark parks, onsite grooming, dog walking/sitting are community building opportunities that can be built into the fabric of pet friendly communities, and create enormous opportunities for resident interaction and subsequently — brand loyalty.

Starwood Hotels found that 76% of their guests with pets were more likely to be loyal to a pet friendly hotel brand, whether or not they were traveling with their pet, wow!  Pet friendly communities humanize brands, spark friendly conversations, and build lasting connections between management and residents.  At GTMA, we’re helping our clients spread their pet friendly message because we too believe pet friendly communities improve quality of life for pets and owners alike.

Looking to market your pet friendly community to renters?  Good human!  You’ve come to just the right place, have a treat! 

Apartment Marketing Digital Marketing Multifamily Social Media




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