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Reputation Marketing Case Study from GTMA

This reputation marketing case study represents 30+ properties located across the state of California under a single management company. GTMA contracted to provide ongoing social media content, social ads, and reputation management services for these multi-family apartment communities in 2019. Many of these properties were recent B-class portfolio acquisitions that had previously struggled with negative reviews and poor online reputations.

When a new community is on-boarded for GTMA’s reputation marketing services, we add them to a central dashboard that feeds in reviews from 20+ review sites including Yelp, Facebook, Google,, TripAdvisor, and many others. Our white-glove reputation marketing service includes personal, customized responses to the last 10 historical reviews (or up to six months back). From the contract date forward we manage all incoming reviews received and work within the dashboard to notify the on-site property teams of pending issues, receive their feedback, and craft customized responses for team approval prior to publication.

With this unique GTMA approach to reputation marketing, our case study client saw immediately positive results and improvement in their online reputation within the first 9 months of service (or less). The average response rating across their portfolio increased from a 2.56 to 3.28 stars, which represented a 6% increase over the prior year. The number of reviews received across their portfolio increased by 2%, while the response rate to those reviews improved by 458%! The average response time to the reviews decreased by over 84% as well. The management company began acknowledging on-site property staff with the most improved reviews each quarter, which led to increased engagement by staff and buy-in to the reputation marketing process. The GTMA team was able to begin repurposing snippets of positive reviews received as social media posts to further spread the positive word of mouth and improve social media engagement and online reputation.

Reputation marketing case study progress summary graphic


GTMA’s reputation marketing services include the ability to benchmark against selected competitors in each market area, both by number of reviews received and average rating. Our reputation dashboard service includes a choice of 3-5 competitor locations.

reputation marketing competitor dashboard sample

In addition to tracking reviews received against the selected competition in market, GTMA also can assess a business’s current online reputation by generating a reputation scorecard. This scorecard offers a snapshot of the community with a letter grade assessment based on online reviews received within the last 180 days from the 22 review sites we manage. The score is assessed and color-coded according to factors such as the number of reviews received, the average star rating, average response time, and percentage response rate. This reputation scorecard offers areas of improvement that we would manage upon partnering.

Reputation marketing scorecard sample

If you are interested in receiving a reputation scorecard from GTMA, or in learning more about our reputation marketing services, please reach out to our Partnerships team.




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