Briar Fairclough

Head of Design

Briar Fairclough is the Head of Design on the Creative Services team focusing on branding. She joined team GTMA in March 2020. Briar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology & Culture from Washington State University Vancouver with a specialization in Multimedia Design. Along her journey to GTMA, Briar was previously Marketing Coordinator for the Vancouver nonprofit Innovative Services NW where she accomplished a complete rebranding of the organization on her own. Briar also served as a member of the Design team for the mobile app HistoricRoutes: Tour of Historic Sites of Downtown Vancouver where she helped develop the art direction and interface designs for the app.

Briar’s passion is fueled in creating memorable, beautifully and thoughtfully designed brands and visual experiences. She places strong value on discovering the “who” and “why” of a brand or project and pouring those pieces into a unique and intentional aesthetic vision.

To Briar, working for GTMA brings creativity, collaboration, fun, and challenge all to the table, and loves the constant evolution of the agency’s goals, strategies, and ideas.

Briar’s creative passion carries over into her life outside of work, as she also enjoys interior design, fashion, film + television, music, and food (the eating part, not the cooking part). She also offers freelance design + branding services for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. Briar loves to travel and spend time with her family and husband.