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Building the Perfect Landing Page to Convert Your Community’s PPC Traffic

Whether you’re building a website for your apartment community or setting up an advertising campaign, you’ve likely encountered the question of where to send your traffic to. The main website sounds like the most logical choice, but is your website enough to generate viable leads? If not, building a conversion-optimized landing page is your best bet to generate the best possible leads that will fill your apartment community.

The first question we need to ask is why would we send traffic to a customized landing page rather than the main website? The answer is quite simple: to create that immediate action and generate a quality lead. The intent of a potential resident can vary from those that are highly interested to those that are just browsing. For someone browsing, we only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they look elsewhere.

a form to contact apartments for availability with an apartment interior as background

The good news is that you can build the perfect landing page in just 9 easy steps:

Start with a compelling headline and imagery. 

Utilize the best summary of what your property stands for and where it’s located. If it’s a brand new luxury property then that should be at the top followed by the location.

Use your favorite imagery at the top. 

Keep the viewer on the page with your favorite shot of the property which can be anything from a shot of the pool or a kitchen photo. Most landing page tools out there let you split-test a landing page’s main header image which can be your time to test what your audience likes best.

Utilize a Call-to-Action (CTA). 

CTAs are important to help get your potential resident to perform the action you want them to depending on your specific goal. “Look into renting here”, “Take a video tour”, “Find out more” are all easy buttons you can place on the site that inspire action.

Place an easy-to-find contact form on the page. 

Ask for them to provide their information to hear more about your community. Make sure to include fields for price range (with accurate price ranges relevant to you), bedroom type, and contact information so leasing agents can reach out quickly to the leads that are sent in. This is important to attracting quick conversions.

Provide a 1-2 paragraph summary of the property and bullet point the top-selling amenities. 

This helps the resident quickly find out if this is the apartment for them. If the main headline drags them in, a little more detail will help drive their decision to lease.

Place more photos and a video tour (if available).

Your landing page should at least have photos of the exteriors and interiors. Pool shots, kitchen shots, living room shots are all encouraged. A landing page featuring a video tour can vastly summarize what a property stands for more than words can.

Insert a map and a neighborhood summary. 

Your community’s location is the single biggest qualifier for whether someone is going to live there. Make sure it’s a feature in the form of a map and brief summary of the area that the neighborhood has to offer.

Use price qualifiers throughout. 

Apartments vastly range in price and your target audience is only a small portion of the actual traffic your advertising campaign will likely generate. Make sure you place qualifiers in the contact forms and page copy such as “Prices start at”.

Customize each landing page for the audience your advertising to. 

When you tailor your landing page to the type of visitor you bring in, you increase the odds of bringing in a viable lead. Here are some ideas for landing pages that can be relevant to multifamily apartments:

  • Pet friendly apartments. Those searching for “pet friendly apartments in your area” can see a customized landing page that features pet amenities prominently with lifestyle photos of pet owners at the property.
  • Three bedroom apartments. Three bedroom apartments may be hard to come by in your area. Feature a landing page to this type of traffic that explains the types of three bedroom floor plans with available prices.
  • Apartments near the train station. Is your apartment conveniently at the crossroads of mass transit stations? Display that prominently on a customized landing page.
  • A targeted neighborhood. Your apartment may be in a neighborhood that you don’t want to be associated with in online search (it happens). Create specific landing pages that focus on your target neighborhoods that you want to attract residents looking to live in and explain how close your apartment is.
  • Green apartments, smoke-free apartments, apartments near a university, exclusive leasing specials, the possibilities are endless with the type of landing pages you can create!


Did you know most multifamily apartment websites don’t utilize a customized landing page for their pay-per-click campaigns at all? At GTMA, we use both the customized landing page approach and the full website approach to marketing your assets. Both are important to an overall campaign and should be used when appropriate.

Are customized landing pages a part of your strategy already? How are they working for you? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to ask me any questions as well. GTMA is here to help!

Apartment Marketing Digital Marketing Lead Generation Web Design




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