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DIY Branding and Design: A Designer Perspective

There is a lot to consider when discussing the importance of top-tier branding and design elements. 

While professionalism should always be at the forefront of how you visually deliver your brand, you might not always know what’s best for your own brand. Sometimes an “outside” perspective can help relay what truly is most suitable for your brand, without any personal biases or emotion. 

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Armed with years of branding and design experience, our GTMA Creative Services team brings to bear the full data-driven power of our digital agency. Our professional designers work directly with clients throughout the branding and design process using hyperlocal research and in-market analysis to design and develop unique, fully-realized brand names, logos, identities, and guidelines.

As the first point-of-contact and the visual representation for all that encompasses your brand, your company logo must be designed deliberately and applied consistently to be successful. To accurately represent your company and build loyalty and trust with customers over time, it must also be digestible and legible. Producing an asset that achieves these desired results is both an art and a science. 


As a business owner, it’s hard to look at your brand from the outside. Working together, our designers learn everything there is to know about your brand. Asking plenty of questions and often deferring to your gut feeling throughout the design process to ensure we cover all of the bases.

  • Will these logo ideas translate to your demographic/customers? 
  • How will this logo idea work in the broader picture of campaigns, collateral, etc.? 
  • Will your logo work on your website, business cards, social media, and any other marketing materials? 
  • Will it work across multiple platforms? 
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It can be hard to answer these questions accurately when looking from the inside-out. There’s no benefit to throwing in the towel and saying only a designer could sift through all of this. The GTMA team can see things a bit clearer and tackle those challenging questions while creating something that will suit the broadest audience (not just you). 

We know your time is everything, and you may not have very much of it to spare. You may think you have a grasp on what your brand and logo should look like, but there is a lot more that goes into the process of creating a logo. 


While we do not doubt that some of the more artistically inclined individuals in our creative sphere may be able to whip up something pretty cool, we believe that experience is the greatest teacher. 

As mentioned before, the ultimate success of a logo lies in its deliberate and consistent execution. This process takes time, refinement, and an eye for composition and visual meaning. 

The value received from hiring a professional graphic designer to help construct your brand identity is the culmination of their knowledge, experience, and obsession. For many of us, art and design are more than just our job—it’s our life’s work piecing apart the world and making sense of the visual landscape that surrounds us. Developing your logo and brand guide is the latest opportunity for us to pursue that understanding — to draw ourselves closer to the truth.

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Oftentimes, the most pressing question to answer is one driven by the data. While we appreciate a gut reaction in some instances, the data may say otherwise, and that’s why GTMA always uses market research as our guiding principle. Remember, at the end of the day, the appearance of your business immediately signals whether or not people should trust you with their money. 

Our team will take your ideas and make them come to life by offering multiple rounds, iterations, and versions of how your branding and design can look and feel. Color theory, typography, hierarchy, and scale are just a few elements our professional in-house design team utilizes to create the most compelling work.

Let us use our expertise to realize the full potential of your branding and design. 

Let’s talk!

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