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GTMA Does: Amazing Kitchen Photography for Multifamily

I’ll be honest; I never gave kitchens much thought- that is until we started filming and photographing a TON of kitchen photography for GTMA. And suddenly, my eyes were open.

Kitchens, as it turns out, are more than just where you find the stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Good kitchen photography is made up of little elements that can define your new “food prep” station’s personality. And it’s our job to effectively capture that personality.

Kitchen Photography | image of a 2 Bedroom Model Unit Kitchen

Step Back And Take In The View

The first thing I noticed about apartment kitchens was the variety in style and layouts. Some were open and spread out like a classic L-shape with island, some were elegant and “cozy” with more of a gallery feel. When you have an open kitchen that is the center of the apartment home, its pretty easy to show it off with simple kitchen photography methods; and you can see it all in a wide shot. But unlike a living room where it’s more about the amount of space, you need to move in close to see what makes the kitchen area so great.

Kitchen Photography: Take A Closer Look

Appliances are a big deal. We like to show not only what culinary devices are there, but where they are in connection to each other. We want the kitchen photography shot to have as much “life” as possible, so turning on stove and oven lights help achieve that. If we can, and if it’s of note, we like to get the brand names into the mix.

GE or Fisher & Paykel? Gas or electric? Stainless steel or white? Upgraded or brand new? These things matter and we make sure that we are showing that off in the kitchen photography images that we capture.

Cabinets are another huge piece that can influence a person’s desire to move in. Yes, the main concern should be how much cabinet/storage space there is, but are the cabinets dark or light? Real wood or faux? What kind of handles and knobs are attached? We like to get in close and see the grain in the texture, or highlight the fixtures that go with them.

If the cabinets aren’t the main selling point, then we try and emphasize the amount of storage they possess or the way they are laid out. But no matter what, every kitchen has them and everyone needs them.

Kitchen Photo | Alta Heights Apartments Kitchen Interior

The Beauty Is In The Details

Of all the variables that determine a great kitchen, I would have never guessed what a huge part the countertops and backsplashes play. While I admit I never paid much attention before, I can’t help but notice now. They are kind of like the “jewelry” on the face of the kitchen. While they certainly enhance the overall feel when you look at the kitchen photography as a whole, we make sure to get in there and look at the details- that’s how you can fully appreciate the quality that goes into the overall design.

The kitchen really is the heart of your home, which is why we make sure it get the attention it deserves. What’s your favorite part about your kitchen? Let us know if the comments! Also, see how GTMA does apartment pool photography the RIGHT way.

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