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Integrating Video Into Your Digital Marketing Plan

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, how are you ever supposed to know which trends (like TikTok) to jump on and which will be out the door before you can throw a concept together? GTMA is here to fill you in on the science of video marketing, why it’s so important to our client’s campaigns, and how it can be incorporated successfully. 



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Statistically speaking, video marketing will make or break a campaign. And no, we’re not being dramatic. Facebook and Instagram will reward you for playing by their rules, and the new rules are very clear; post videos and your page will succeed. 

Video marketing increases a page’s reach, engagement, following count, and sales (if you sell products through your social pages). Facebook and Instagram have set up algorithms to help filter content they consider “relevant” and “irrelevant” to social media users. 

Video posts are considered highly relevant because they keep users on social media longer, are more likely to influence users to make a purchase, and are more informative and digestible than copy-heavy posts.

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UTM’s out, video in?

Integrating Video In Digital Marketing - UTM

Behind the scenes at GTMA, our social media specialists are regularly working on gathering information and data on client campaigns. We run monthly tests, study data, research trends, and compile them all to understand our markets and how they operate. 

Our teams recently did a month-long data analysis on whether or not trackable links directing to our client’s websites in social posts via Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM for short) are still producing high levels of click-through rates (CTR for short). 

Surprisingly, UTMs fall short on engagement compared to video posts, which means campaigns need to be adjusted to keep up with the trend. But fear not! As always, we’ll continue to utilize UTMs in post captions so customers can quickly jump over to client websites from social posts. 

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The trick here will be pairing these UTMs in the copy of video-based posts rather than relying on engagement from UTMs alone. These types of video marketing posts are going to be the top-performing and highest CTR posts, resulting in the most prospective customers heading to websites.


Does TikTok realistically fit into your marketing plan? 

Integrating Video In Digital Marketing - TikTok

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked this question since TikTok took the trophy for video app champion. But the truth is, TikTok is not for everyone or every campaign. TikTok has an extremely specific user base, with well over half of the user base being under the age of 34 (via The TikTok audience also wants to be entertained on the app; they’re not typically there for informational purposes. Depending on the product and how creative a team can be, TikTok could be a really successful platform for certain businesses. 

Generally speaking, TikTok isn’t a platform where clients hire an agency to manage them. TikTok videos must be authentic, creative, and, most importantly, feature the in-the-moment human side of a company. This type of video marketing should be filmed on-site utilizing team members. Younger generations are flocking to new apps such as TikTok to avoid the overload of ads they get on some of the bigger social media networks, so content can’t stick out as purely sales-based. 

That being said, it’s time to grab your phones and start recording, folks! Social media videos don’t need to be professionally planned, shot, and edited. In fact, some of the most popular videos are the most spontaneous. If you are interested in a happy medium regarding video quality, ask us about our Micro-Moments package, where we’ll polish up and edit the video footage you’ve shot and sent to us! 

Show your audience the personable side of your company, and your page will stand out as a friendly face among the hundreds of pieces of content people digest daily. If you’re running social media services with GTMA, don’t worry about thinking of a fun, witty caption to pair with your video! Just send us your best shots, and let GTMA do the heavy lifting to get it posted. 

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