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How to Recruit Multifamily Professionals Using Social Media

As a multifamily professional you probably already know that an effective social media strategy is an essential tool in attracting and retaining residents at your property over time, but did you know that a killer social presence can also be a tool for attracting top talent to your leasing team?

It’s true! As social media becomes more and more embedded in our day-to-day lives, from work to play and everything in between, the more useful it becomes as a way to broadcast an open position at your property to qualified, plugged-in candidates who are currently looking for a new gig (and even those that aren’t).

When you take a look at traditional ways of filling open positions, and how they’re failing, the ways in which social media is useful becomes clearer. The fact is that your target audience is already on social media, and smart companies are utilizing this built in audience to fill vacant positions at their company. Why? Because it lowers costs, shortens the hiring process, and reaches a larger audience than utilizing job boards alone.

Are You Searching For Talent in the Right Place?

Rather than beaming your wanted ad out on Craigslist or Monster, where you will either have to pay outrageous fees to have your ad featured or risk being buried under a mountain of other job ads, companies that have already established a lively social presence can leverage their existing followers to get their message to the right people in the right places.

Not to mention the fact that many top candidates wouldn’t even look at online job boards in the first place. An effective social media recruitment strategy can even cut out the process of doing a background check, as you’ll have access to a candidate’s social presence immediately via their username.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become the new classified section, if you know how to use them properly. According to this Media Bistro article, 92% of companies already use social media for recruitment and 45% of Fortune 500 companies include links to their social presence on their career pages.

The benefits are manifold and can shorten the hiring process by weeding out undesirable candidates in half the time it takes to receive an application and check references. By targeting and engaging with individuals who already follow your property on social media, you can also ensure a good fit with your property’s culture right from the get-go.

Your Potential New Leasing Professional Already Follows You

All the work that goes into creating a great social media presence—daily postings on various networks, reaching out local businesses and people, linking up with like-minded individuals and organizations—is also creating a foundation on which you can advertise open positions at your property. You may be surprised to find that people who “like” your property’s presence on social aren’t necessarily potential residents, but professionals in your field who might feel enticed to join your organization once they recognize a facet of themselves–the modern social media savvy user–in your organization.

Additionally, any and all work done on social media increases your property’s visibility in search results, thereby increasing the likelihood that job searchers will find your advertisement before those of your competitors not using social media.

Is It Working?

We want to know if you’ve used social media to attract new associates. Has it worked for you? Conversely, are you apprehensive about using social media for recruitment? Tell us what you think in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter at Thanks for reading!

Apartment Marketing Digital Marketing Multifamily Social Media




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