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As of Dec. 6th, 2018 Snapchat officially welcomed GTMA to its Agency Partnership team! While GTMA has been using the Snapchat advertising platform for almost a year, our NEW partnership with Snapchat has blown the doors open (literally) to new possibilities of reaching relevant users and converting leads for your brands.

One of the main benefits to advertising on the Snapchat platform outside of other social ad networks is the ability to capture audiences we aren’t able to target on Facebook, Instagram or Google. As the ads run we collect user data at a much cheaper rate and higher volume than on other ad networks. We then place those users in a remarketing audience and show them ads across the Google and Facebook networks. This platform opens up a whole new demographic pool that may not have been exposed to your brand otherwise.  In turn, we can continue to hit a single user on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat all in the span of one day with unique creative across each specific platform at the cheapest cost.

To qualify for the partnership our agency met the following criteria:

  • Successfully pass a product audit from Snapchat’s Solutions Engineering Team
  • Meet specific spend requirements per quarter
  • History of consistent advertiser usage across product types
  • Growth in advertiser count and usage over the past quarter
  • Proven client success through case studies, performance audits, and client feedback

Snapchat’s Certified Partners “provide the expertise and in-house talent to help manage campaigns on behalf of marketers. Their hands-on support leads to more effective execution, optimization, and analysis of advertising campaigns on Snapchat.”

We are SO excited to partner with you on the Snapchat platform to help drive results and provide incredibly valuable data to you! Snapchat recently lowered their monthly and daily minimums by over ½ the cost the original cost! Reach out to us to learn more about how our new agency partnership with Snapchat can benefit your 2019 marketing goals!

Apartment Marketing Company Announcements Lead Generation




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