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Reputation Management Theater – Season 1

Reputation Management Theater Season One Ends With a Bang (And An Important Message)

After 11 episodes, winning big at the AIM Awards and providing a cathartic release of frustration for multifamily professionals everywhere dealing with insane apartment residents, the complete first season of Reputation Management Theater is now online for all to enjoy. PLUS, we’re calling on YOU to send in a review that you feel would make for a great episode in season 2!

GTMA’s Reputation Management Theater series is hilarious! There’s nothing funnier than a theatrical reading of egregious grammatical errors. Beth Tuttle, National Vice President of Marketing, LMC

On the surface, GTMA’s Reputation Management Theater Series is a delightfully entertaining dramatization of REAL online reviews read by Shakespearian actors, peppered with outlandish complaints and grammar so atrocious it can’t help but become comedic — but look a little deeper and you’ll find that the series accomplished far more than a few chuckles.  The Reputation Management Theater series serves as a physical testament to GTMA’s creative approach to multifamily marketing, amassing over 40k views in the first season alone.  While leveraging humor to grow our business is a plus, GTMA’s aim is to spread an important sentiment to multifamily leaders on the necessity of tackling online reputation.

CEO Joshua Swanson recently spoke at the Nevada Apartment Association Trends Event on reputation management and it’s importance to an overall marketing strategy.  In identifying data showing that 82% of all millennials will seek out the opinions of anonymous online reviewers before making a buying decision, he stated that:

Our industry needs to change the way we think about online reviews. Reputation management isn’t just fighting back against the haters, it’s an opportunity to separate your community from the competition by strategically growing your online reviews in a positive way.  Reputation management should be seen as a key component of any digital marketing campaign for apartment communities.  Joshua Swanson, GTMA CEO

Online ratings are not only one of the first things a potential resident will look for, they are also one of the first things you would find in a Google search, so you can imagine searching a community to find a review claiming there is a ‘fetus in the freezer’ at the community might be considered a major red flag (rightly so). Leases suffer under negative online ratings, and that’s precisely why GTMA works to minimize negative ratings with a synergistic approach to reputation management. GTMA’s Reputation Management Theater series is a window into a unique approach to reputation management, helping the multifamily industry to understand that many reviews (particularly many of the more inappropriate reviews featured in the series) can be removed from ratings sites, a strategy for getting more positive reviews with social media synergy is available, and responding to reviews with tact in a timely manner can and will raise ratings.

What We Learned

INTERESTINGLY enough, 40,000 + views came from Facebook! A recent article by our very own Lee Pham gives us some insight into why that might be. Facebook ads are an effective strategy to not only get video views, but generate leads for apartments. Is Facebook overtaking YouTube as the preferred form of video consumption? It’s worked wonders for the GTMA brand and for numerous client campaigns, so it’s most definitely worth your time to investigate. Recently, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games spurred 285 million unique video viewers on Facebook, with 59 percent of those under the age of 35. Reach out to your GTMA contact about video on Facebook, because we can help.

Below you can see how YouTube still allows for a full playlist to be embedded, where Facebook does have the playlist option now under the Video tab, but they don’t allow you to embed the full playlist. Only a single video at a time, but as video continues to be a focus for Facebook, we’re sure to see more features similar to the YouTube experience roll out on Facebook.

How To Submit

Reputation Management Theater’s overwhelming success at this year’s AIM Conference where it took home first prize in best vendor video, coupled with success among viewers has fueled a search for even more of the worst reviews out there — reviews that deserve to be turned into a Shakespearean monologue.  Simply send a link to the review through our Get In Touch form titled ‘Season 2 of Reputation Management Theater’ to submit.  GTMA will notify submissions that make the cut, and those that do will receive a special gift from GTMA along with an opportunity to appear in the episode!

GTMA’s Reputation Management Theater on YouTube

GTMA’s Reputation Management Theater on Facebook

Calling For Submissions!

That’s right! Now you can see your very own apartment review turned into an episode of Reputation Management Theater! How? Simply grab the link of the review and fill out our Get In Touch form and title your submission “Season 2 of Reputation Management Theater.” We’ll let you know if your submission makes the cut…and we’ll also send you something special if it does. Cheers!



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