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Ways to Cross Promote Your Apartment Community’s Digital Channels

It has been said that man cannot survive on bread alone, as such your digital marketing strategy cannot survive solely on one platform.  Cultivating relationships with followers and distributing content across multiple platforms is key to reaching a larger audience, which may translate to more leases and renewals.

If done well, cross-promotion is a great way to direct your audience to follow you on all of their favorite social media networks.  You may have a Facebook follower who happens to be an avid Pinterest user, so why not invite them to follow your Pinterest as well?

Do Not Passively Cross-Post

There are apps available that make it tempting to automate cross-posting. Don’t even think about it, it’s lazy. If your Facebook page is full of your tweets and your tweets all link to Instagram posts, then your followers only have a reason to follow your Instagram account.

Choose a post from one platform to promote on another while directly mentioning and focusing on the content of the post itself. Remember, you are providing something of value to your followers, which just so happens to be content from one of your other accounts.

For example, creating a Facebook post with an appealing photo that links to your latest Pinterest board. Such as this:

Facebook post showing DIY Easter ideas through a Pinterest board.

Notice the text of this post highlights the content of the Pinterest board itself, which may be of value to followers.

Blog Distribution

Looking to direct followers to your website’s blog? Promote a blog post from your website containing content that may be of value to your target audience. This can be done with a social post highlighting the content of the blog post.

Another way to effectively promote your blog post is by creating a “Dark Post” in Facebook. This “Dark” or “Unpublished” post can be created using Facebook’s Power Editor, which is a part of their paid advertising platform. This valuable tool gives you the ability to reach BEYOND your existing Facebook audience and specifically target your posts to an audience that is actually interested in the content. If you don’t have a budget for Facebook ads, we highly suggest looking into it.

Facebook post showing a Easter themed buffet.

Your apartment newsletter could be another opportunity to cross-promote content from other platforms.  You could highlight a blog post within the newsletter (i.e., “Easter Buffets in Stamford” or “Four Pick-Me-Up Cafes Near Downtown”).

Don’t forget, your newsletter is also an opportunity to give your subscribers a reason to follow your social accounts for things like exclusive deals or specials for people who “Like” your Facebook page. Additionally, throw in a quick plug to highlight the community interaction on another social network you’re on such as, “Follow our Twitter account to stay connected with up-to-date community happenings”.

Effectively cross-promoting your digital channels is actually pretty easy, but it needs to be done right. People want authenticity and value, and these are just a few ways to go about it.  Implementing some of these GTMA-approved tactics should be a great start to cross-promoting your way to multifamily marketing success, and we’re always here to help or answer any questions you may have.

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