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Digital analytics is foundational to a data-driven marketing and advertising agency. GTMA guides our clients through the tangled web of tools (like Google Analytics) and provides a real-time dashboard followed-up by strategic support and transparent monthly reporting.

"You get what you measure." — Jack Welch

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Our expert digital marketing and advertising strategists continually measure and assess the data, then adjust our tactics to achieve the desired result and attain a competitive advantage for our client partners. Some of the more common platform KPIs we benchmark across all our digital platforms include: cost-per-click (CPC), impressions, reach, click-through rate (CTR), and landing page views.

As your strategic partners, we make sure every dollar spent on your marketing campaigns provide value. The quality of your on-site traffic is paramount. Quantity is great but it does not always lead to your desired results. We measure quality by analyzing time spent on site, the average number of page visits per session, and goal completions associated with each traffic source.

As a data- and research-focused agency, we promote ongoing training and advancement of the Google Analytics certification process for every team member in each service department at GTMA. Data-driven decisions are built into the fabric of our marketing agency.


Google Analytics helps inform us of what our users like and do not like. Each client, brand, or product has a different story to tell and therefore has a unique target audience. At GTMA, we tailor our content specifically toward each user's behaviors and preferences.


Data analytics also tells the digital story of your customer's journey. What webpage drives the most goal completions? What landing page resonates best with your audience? We ask the questions needed to effectively measure your objectives and back them up with statistical data.

We ensure every change that is made to each campaign is recorded, tracked, and compared against historical data analytics. From form fill-outs to the number of conversions, GTMA tracks each user's journey on every page of your site. With each goal completion tied to a source, we can outline each paid and non-paid referral source in our monthly reporting and real time dashboards.


When other agencies rely on technology to do their daily bidding, GTMA is reading and analyzing the statistics to ensure each optimization we make is a data-driven decision. Our strategists track and analyze each campaign optimization to measure the effectiveness of the change.

Our digital marketing and advertising agency provides an up-to-date live dashboard reporting real-time platform metrics, spends, ad creative, and results. We also generate monthly reports that bring all of your data into a visually comprehensive and actionable structure. When you're ready to make important business decisions, our marketing professionals provide strategic follow-up support.