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Media Strategy is all about planning and buying the most appropriate ad placements and required budgets to achieve your business objectives. Paid search campaigns leverage consumer insights, like user-intent, to recognize a lead's specific point in the marketing funnel and then provide relevant answers to move patrons forward.

GTMA designs paid search campaigns to effectively and efficiently generate leads. As a data-driven digital marketing agency, our process starts with ensuring we have a full understanding of your business goals and how they are measured. We then shift gears and focus on campaign messaging and advertising creatives that are cohesive with your other marketing efforts. As soon as your paid media campaign kicks off, our focus switches to tracking performance and making optimizations.

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NEFT Vodka Lead Generation Advertisement

Our digital marketing and advertising agency has more premier partnerships with leading ad platforms (like Yelp, Waze, Facebook, and Google) than most agencies — making GTMA your agency-expert in hyper-local and national brand marketing, lead generation (paid search), social advertising, and more.

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GTMA is an experienced lead generation agency managing millions of dollars in annual spend on behalf of our client partners. Using tools from our media strategy toolkit — like Spotify ads, YouTube ads, Remarketing, Gmail ads, and more — we tell stories that generate leads and traffic to your business.


Paid search is a powerful way to get in front of your audience and gain prominence when they are searching for solutions, products, and services you offer online. Whether your business is selling shoes or leasing apartments, we help your customers find you and vice versa with our paid search engine marketing services. With paid search, you can address multiple objectives at a time; immediate ROI, customer acquisition at all stages of the marketing funnel, research, competitive pricing, and brand awareness.

Our media strategy team creates campaigns utilizing search, display, remarketing, and specialized geotargeting tactics to help meet your objectives. Our lead generation experts help mobilize your target audience from the search page to the "Buy Now" button on your website, to their mobile device, or even to your business's front door!

When you become our partner in Google Ads, you get access to the world's largest search engine with the ability to reach over 90% of all online users. But with GTMA's technical skill and success-driven strategy, you reach the specific audience needed to meet your intended goals. Other search engines we specialize in include Microsoft Ads, Yelp CPC, Waze Ads, and more.

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There is no need to wait for your customers to find you. Take the proactive approach and reach them first with Google's Display Network! As our partner on the display network, we help you build brand awareness with vivid lifestyle and shopping display campaigns served directly to your customers' favorite websites.

Our display ads professionals can target customers who have previously visited your website (remarketing) and even identify and target new audience groups that share similar characteristics with your existing customers (or your competitors)! But our display advertising opportunities do not just end with Google. We can help you reach your audience on any platform, from wherever they are, with YouTube, Waze Ads, Digital Billboards, Spotify (Audio+Video), Pandora (Audio), and more!

Leave the stale content in 1999 where it belongs and keep your display ads looking (and performing) fresh with custom ad creative from our award-winning design team! Our designers can create several sets of display ads that beautifully illustrate what your business is all about and drive your desired results home. And we are not just limited to stagnant images, either. The GTMA design professionals can produce rich media ads that expand and move, capturing the attention of users in an interactive fashion.

Using advanced targeting techniques and having partnerships with all of the top social networks, GTMA continues to stand out as a leader in social media advertising. We not only make sure you are seen, but we also guide your brand's messaging and improve your reputation by serving ads that tell your story to an audience that wants to hear it.

From Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat to TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond, social advertising is proven to be a cost-effective way to find new and relevant users and build your brand awareness. Plus, as our strategic partners, you have the advantage of our direct line of access to reps and agency-first partnership with all the social advertising platforms.

As a data-driven and research-focused agency, our digital marketing and advertising strategists analyze your market to identify the best social media channels for your target audience. If you know your target market, GTMA can access it on all social platforms at a granular level with hyper-local targeting and retargeting.

Advertising on social media both enhances your organic strategy while supplementing and complementing other GTMA paid media. This synergy among marketing platforms creates a cohesive user journey at every stage of the marketing funnel, increasing both customer acquisition and retention for your business.

With the majority of people using social media from their mobile devices, it is essential to incorporate fresh, mobile-friendly creative content into your marketing strategies. Our award-winning visual production team creates stunning custom imagery optimized for audience matching on each advertising platform. Elevate your social media presence and online reputation with daily optimizations and consistent updates to your copywriting and creative assets.

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The Conversion Cherry On Top.

The Conversion Cherry On Top.

The Return of the Great Display. Wait, what!? You’re writing about Display Ads? That’s so 2005...or is it? Display ads…

Waze Features GTMA Case Study

Waze Features GTMA Case Study

At GTMA, we believe that Waze is a powerful platform for brand awareness, enabling our clients (including apartment communities and local…


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Analytics + Analysis.

Guiding clients through the tangled web of digital tools, like Google Analytics. Providing a real-time dashboard followed up by strategic support and transparent monthly reporting.

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Cultivating ideas and creating engaging visual experiences through typography, imagery, color, and form. Strategically selecting color hues, fonts, patterns, and other components to produce eye-catching graphic designs.

Social Media

Storytelling on social networks using original strategic content that showcases your unique brand and captures the attention of potential customers while reinforcing customer retention.

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Video Production

Combining various styles of cinematic storytelling, our GTMA Studios production team specializes in finding fresh ways to tell your unique story using a filmmaking approach.