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Your website is crucial to your company's success, so keeping it updated, secure, and running speedily shouldn't be left up to chance. As an experienced web development agency, we prefer taking a proactive approach to web maintenance, security, and monitoring. Whether you need upkeep and support for a small, medium, or large site, our web experts have the necessary tools and skills to manage and maintain a healthy website. Let GTMA focus on keeping your site fast and secure so you can focus on growing a successful business.


Maintenance can prevent many issues on your website before they become a problem. A fast, secure, updated site allows your clients and customers to experience consistency across platforms and helps improve your ranking on Google search results. Sites hosted and managed by GTMA ensure optimal performance and responsiveness at all times.

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Keeping your WordPress core, themes, and plugins up-to-date means you have the latest security patches in place to protect your site from malicious hackers and spambots. Read more about WordPress Security here.

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How you add new images and content has a significant impact on load time and often goes unnoticed if you aren't regularly checking. With our monthly performance reports, you'll always know exactly how your site is performing.

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View all changes and updates made to your site that month. Our monthly care reports show an overview of your site health in major categories like performance, security, uptime, and analytics.

Our maintenance and partner retainer plans put your mind at ease with backups and updates to your WordPress website on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We also perform regular site scans to check for security vulnerabilities, page speed, and monitor uptime performance rates. In the event of a security breach or site crash, we are notified on multiple channels to ensure minimal disruption or downtime and quick remediation of issues. 

If you have ongoing work and an active web presence, GTMA offers retainer packages that include things like managing new content, optimizing CTAs, and providing ongoing SEO support. Contact our team for more information on our website maintenance and support services.

GTMA Website Care Report.