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GTMA is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Ready


The big data switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is happening July 1st, 2023! The GTMA team is ready for GA4. We have been preparing for the transition to new data collection and measurement methods for over a year.

Unsure of the fundamental differences between Google’s Universal Analytics and the new GA4? Refer to our previous GA4 blog from December 2022 for an overview of the data collection methodology for GTMA GA4 transition. It includes a list of key terms and definitions.


GA4 Data Collection

The new GA4 transition represents both app and website data collection, so it is built to use a variety of “Identity Spaces” to understand the entire user journey within a cross-device world.

  • Any business-assigned User IDs (such as customer order numbers) can be imported into GA4.
  • Users that visit your site or app while signed into a Google account will additionally be identified through their “Google Signals”.
  • In addition to these identity sources, Device IDs are also used for identity.

All of these integrate together and are de-duplicated and anonymized by Google, without violating user privacy.
The GA4 transition also introduces more modeled data and machine learning throughout the new platform, which helps to minimize data gaps and improve insights.


Tracking Changes in GA4

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Over the last several months we have had conversations with Google’s support team and have implemented changes to client Google Tag Manager accounts to ensure we have the most up-to-date and accurate tracking available. The GTMA Google Tag Manager (GTM) container on your website has not changed IDs. We have been and will continue to make changes within the GTM container itself to add new GA4 tags and triggers and to improve and streamline the way we count Events and Conversions within GA4.

For instance, we’ve found through trial and error that using RegEx (regular expressions) to identify triggers in GA4 is problematic. We’ve updated to more precise operators within GA4 triggers, such as exact match URLs. Rest assured that we are ahead of the curve on these Google Tag Manager (GTM) edits, and we’re in ongoing communication with Google support to make sure that client tracking is as refined and accurate as possible.


What about my monthly client reports?

GTMA computer iconGTMA’s reporting platform already has a GA4 integration for this data transition, which we’re waiting to enable on July 1st as the primary data source. We have already built out a new monthly report template using GA4 instead of UA for that switch, but you’ll see very minimal changes to the overall report layout.

The most relevant changes are in how sessions are measured, and in GA4’s new engagement rate measurement which also changes how bounce rate is calculated. You’ll see these reflected as updated data widgets within your standard monthly report and reporting dashboard.


What’s Next: Adding Conversion Values for Better ROAS

At its core, GA4 is built to be event-driven rather than session-driven, in order to allow for more comprehensive cross-device tracking and user measurement. This means that any user interaction with a website or app can be measured in GA4 as an Event. Event parameters may also be used, which are additional pieces of (optional) information that can further specify the action the user took.

In GA4, there is no more distinction between “Goals” and “Conversions”. Instead, any Event can be toggled on to be counted as a Conversion. And since conversions are events that inherently have specific value to the business, like a lead form submittal or a scheduled tour, it’s best practice to assign an actual rank or dollar value to each conversion being tracked.

That’s why GTMA has recently surveyed clients regarding their operational closing percentages on leads so that we can calculate values for your particular site conversions. Adding conversion values is a part of our overall efforts to be data-driven, GA4 ready, and transparent about your marketing return on ad spend (ROAS).


GTMA is GA4 Ready: Certified Google Partner & GA4 Experts

GTMA GA4 Ready BadgeAs a data-driven digital marketing agency, our process starts with ensuring we have a full understanding of your business goals and how they are measured. GTMA is a certified Google Agency Partner. You can trust us to stay on top of Google’s changes. We are prepared to adjust your marketing strategy and campaigns as tracking and reporting evolve.

As a digital marketing and advertising agency, GTMA has more premier partnerships with leading ad platforms (including Google, Yelp, Waze, and Meta) than most competitors. GTMA is (or can be) your agency expert in hyper-local and national brand marketing, lead generation, social advertising, and more. If you have further questions about the GA4 transition or your marketing campaigns, contact us to schedule a chat! You can be confident that GTMA is GA4 Ready.




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