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Live Streaming Apps, Meerkat and Periscope, Changing Multifamily Marketing Forever

Live Streaming Apps | Logos of Periscope and MeerkatLast week, Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming acquisition, launched to the public and two hours later the 30-day old Meerkat announced they had raised $14 million in funding and amassed a half-million users.  Why so much interest in these two mobile apps? Simply put, their technology makes the immediacy of social media even more immediate.


As a self-proclaimed social media junkie, I was an early adopter of Meerkat. Half-way through my first Meerkat broadcast, someone watching messaged me via the app saying ‘tuning in from Dallas and happy to finally see your face instead of just reading your tweets.’ At that moment I realized that the Internet had changed forever. The Internet now means a live video feed shot on one person’s mobile device and it being consumed by someone else on their mobile device anywhere in the world. The implications for how we can now market our multifamily communities are staggering.

Picture this; a prospect calls an apartment community after inquiring about a specific unit. In the past, the Leasing Agent’s phone sales skills would be the deciding factor on whether or not that prospect came in for a tour. Now, thanks to this new technology, a Leasing Agent no longer needs to use buzzwords or the promise of an amazing view to sell the tour. Agents can immediately ‘take the prospect for a tour’ by logging into the Meerkat or Periscope apps and live stream the actual apartment home that’s available. In other words, they are letting the product sell itself.

My multifamily digital agency, GoToMyApartment, is embracing this new live streaming technology in an upcoming event at Alta Brookhaven Apartments in Atlanta, Ga. To test my theory that future residents will eventually conduct the ENTIRE leasing cycle via the web, GoToMyApartment is sponsoring one giant multifamily Meerkat event at a new luxury community in Brookhaven (Atlanta) Georgia on April 8th at 4:30PM EDT. I’ll be streaming from @Joshua_Swanson, and will be accompanied by @GoToMyApartment, @AltaBrookhaven, and invited social media influencers from around the area. The Leasing Manager of Alta Brookhaven will lead us on a tour and viewers can ask questions about the brand new community. The Alta Brookhaven Team has even promised an announcement of special incentives for future residents tuning in for this tour.

Follow #AltaBrookhaven for more details on this live Meerkat experience and let me know how you’re using this new technology to tell the story of your community by commenting below.

Apartment Marketing Digital Marketing Multifamily Social Media Property Videos




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