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Your Community Is A Character – Apartment Video Tours

Your Community Is A Character

At GTMA we pride ourselves in not limiting our approach to telling the story of an apartment community. Sure, we do apartment photography and apartment video tours, but we recognize that you can’t make every apartment communities personality fit into a single mold.

We have many styles when it comes to our real estate video products, such as our Community Tours, graphic driven apartment tours or testimonial driven video productions. But as a filmmaker, my favorite style is what we call a “Lifestyle Apartment Video.”

Memorial Heights Villages – Houston, TX Apartments

Our most recent Lifestyle Video project was for a fantastic community in the Heights neighborhood of Houston called Memorial Heights Villages. The goal was to show what life in that community and in the surrounding neighborhood is like without hitting the audience over the head with details.

In the video, we follow three residents throughout their day, watching their lives overlap while we get snapshots of the beautiful community and the thriving city of Houston that they live in.

I love that the building itself becomes a character in the video. We show it off, but not in a series of wide shots with explanations of what Memorial Heights Villages offers to residents. Instead, we get those details by watching the reaction from the residents themselves. In this particular apartment video tour, we also tried to make the transitions unique to further emphasize the overlap between “community” and “ease.” Our Head Graphic Designer and Media Coordinator, Pete Schwartz, knocked it out of the park by coming up with numerous ways to bridge each scene.

Apartment Video Tours: More Show Then Tell

I connect with this style of apartment video because it closely mirrors the common narrative style of filming. When the message is interlaced with the story an emotional connection, rather than an informational one, is created. I guess you could say it’s more “showing” than “telling.”

Sometimes that is the best way to tell the story.

Apartment Video Tours: Your Community Is a Character | Memorial Heights Villages Houston TX Apartments

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