GTMA’s experienced in-house team of creative professionals develop engaging and unique brand identities using research and competitive analysis to back up our decisions. Storytelling using these tools is imperative to a successful brand and a core feature of our branding agency services and capabilities. 


Replace the word branding with reputation. Does that get your attention? Branding is all about making an impression, an impression that is of paramount importance to solidifying your relationship with your customer.

Branding combines creative messaging with design elements to express a feeling or elicit an emotion. These intangibles add up to tangible reactions: trust, loyalty, and above all, customers. Set your business apart from the competition and give customers a reason to pay attention to you. Your brand is the promise you make to your customer and tells your story.

Apartment marketing booklet.


As you would not start building a house without purpose, you would not begin a design without understanding the story. Our brand-building agency designs stunning brands from the ground up and walks client partners through the entire process.

We explore your brand, conduct user research, study competitors, and even tour the property to understand the needs of the brand and set the tone and direction for the project. Employing these measures to discover your corporate brand identity creates a smart branding experience and a strong foundation for the next steps.


Let's face it, coming up with names can be difficult and time-consuming, but what can be a more vital process if it leads to establishing an authentic identity that encompasses all your business stands for? We challenge our branding strategists to produce naming concepts that are sure to stand out.

With GTMA, it starts with data and analysis of your goals and target audiences, and then we use that research to narrow in on a name that best represents your brand. Exemplary creative is always backed up with data. We provide a detailed description of each name suggestion and an explanation as to why this name will fit your desired brand.

Apartment brand name proposal.
Animation demonstrating logo design and brand names.


Make your mark, literally. Once you have a name, it is time to produce a logo to represent your brand. We will solidify your brand’s visual identity with a unique logo that embodies your brand voice and unifies all of your branding efforts.

Our award-winning creative team builds guidelines for the usage and reproduction of the logo, including a style guide showing acceptable logo variations, minimum and maximum logo sizes, and logo "Do's & Don'ts."


A key element to visual branding is the color palette of the brand. 90% of customers' product judgments are based on color alone. We strategically select colors based on research and data that will mark your brand identity and personality.

A custom pattern adds the perfect finishing touch to your brand color palette. After analyzing the voice of your brand, we select an eye-catching pattern that adds an extra "Wow!" factor to your brand identity. Establishing a unique pattern or texture adds an extra look and feel to your brand’s personality that can be used everywhere from your website to social media designs, print collateral, or to influence interior design decisions.

Create a visual representation of your brand's personality with expertly selected typography. Whether it is serious, playful, modern, sophisticated, or rustic, the fonts say it all. Our brand marketing agency experts hand-pick the fonts that best represent your brand.

Apartment brand guide book.
Apartment marketing collateral including business cards and website.


Set the standard for your brand. Communicating a consistent message across all platforms is key to establishing your brand's identity. Our creative services team builds a guide to the specific brand communication style for your business; it explains what your brand stands for, how to express that message, and how the creative elements fit together in all your communications.

We will create a visual representation of your brand that adapts to all of your branding materials, demonstrating the composition, vision, purpose, and overall details of your brand while providing guidelines in a stylized digital or physical book. The brand guidelines should be referenced and followed when commissioning, designing, or delivering any form of communications on behalf of the brand.