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Spotlighting Your Property’s Killer Amenities in Your Digital Strategy

Ah, there’s no place like HOME… especially when it’s got so many built-in perks to living there. But before people decide to make your community their home, you’ve got to let them know what you’ve got…and when it comes to showcasing your assets, is there a strategy that dictates what you should be highlighting? That’s the question we’re going to answer today!

Step one is done: you’ve already got a killer apartment community, full of fantastic amenities that potential residents are really keen on. We’ve seen the studies that show what renters most want in their apartment, as far as features of the lifestyle, as well as community amenities. And sure, you’ve got all the amenities renters are looking for – things like a washer and dryer, pet-friendly perks, and other features that consistently top these lists. But how do you get the word out most effectively? Your strategy can actually take advantage of the many different digital platforms available to you by spotlighting these features and amenities. Take a look at some ideas…

Elan 16 Forty Instagram Post

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When it comes to using Instagram, many people make the mistake of posting graphics to their profiles that are full of text, explaining all they’ve got to offer. However, Instagram is a platform that thrives when done right – and that means posting images to “show,” rather than “say,” all that will attract future residents to your community. Show how sparkling clean the pool is (make it a symmetrical shot), showcase furry friends actually enjoying the pet spa (make it a cute one!), and don’t be afraid to even post an Instagram collage – we know you’ve got a lot to show! (Bonus: see some tips on a killer Instagram strategy in one of our previous blogs!)

Get Social with Community Features

Social media can be a tricky beast. Often, it’s not about just crafting a great Facebook post or tweet to put out on Twitter. Rather, it’s imperative to put on your creative hat and start thinking outside the box when it comes to engagement. In your tweets, on Facebook, through your Google+ circles, and all across myriad social networks, users are recognizing the value of engagement. “Like” pages for pet lovers, and comment to let them know that your community has a dog wash. Search on Twitter for people who are talking about moving to your city, and reply to them with info about how easy those built-in dishwashers make your life. Join local gym-lover “communities” on G+ to gain a built-in audience of people who will actually be interested in the fact that your fitness center has daily exercise classes. Remember, engagement helps build word-of-mouth and spread the word that there’s no place like home: YOUR home, that is.

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Pay to Get the Word Out!

There’s only so much that an organic social media campaign can do; and yes, it’s possible to get lucky with it. But don’t you want to take your online strategy a step further? The good news is you can run a paid Facebook Ads campaign, or even a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, for less than the cost of what you’d make from a single month’s rent. With Facebook Ads, you can tailor your audience to people with certain interests or desires (HELLO, pet lovers! Good to see you, yoga fanatics!). And with a PPC campaign, you can bid for keywords like “washer and dryer” or “on-site parking” – you won’t believe how easy it can be to spotlight the exact features people are searching for. And don’t worry, you can leave the complicated, technical stuff to us. We’re always here to help!

Blog, Blog, Blog

We’ve already covered why your apartment community needs to have an on-site blog. But how can you blog in a way that incorporates all the perks of the features you offer, without coming across as too sales-y? Easy: don’t make the features the focus of the blog, but make people aware that what you’ve got makes life even better. Writing a blog about kitchen safety tips as you cook for the holidays? Of course, remember to say your units include furnished stainless-steel appliances! Highlighting your favorite spots around the neighborhood? Then don’t forget to mention your preferred employer program or the discounts your residents get at the brewery down the road. Remember, write a blog that adds value to the reader, but also mention how you can add value to a reader who will become a renter. 

When it comes down to it, there are many ways you can work smarter with the digital strategy you have, or you can start incorporating tactics you haven’t yet used in the past. The residents have spoken, and now you know what they want. So it’s time to focus on spotlighting your property’s killer amenities in your digital strategy, making your community the best place it can be, and getting the word out that there’s no better place to call HOME.

How are you showcasing your community’s amenities in the digital space, and which are most effective for you? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @GoToMyApartment.

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