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Top 10 Best Apartment Community Photos

I have been on the road 5+ years for GTMA as our head cinematographer and I’ve captured the perfect shots that draw people into their future home using apartment community photos and other visual tools. Selecting a home, even a temporary one, can be daunting, but it almost always starts with viewing the community online. Here are my top ten favorite apartment community photos. Get a picture like this of your community and you’re sure to get anyone excited about their future home.

  1. Building Exterior (8th + Hope)

If you have a building, then you have a building exterior. That’s your calling card! This is one of my favorite building exteriors because of how we got it! We had a great idea to go across the street and shoot from the top floor of the parking structure…brilliant! Except, the parking structure wasn’t far enough away to capture the entire building in one shot. Our only choice for this apartment community photo was to shoot multiple frames at slightly different angles and assemble in Photoshop.

  1. Kitchen (Colony at The Lakes)

Don’t fight it! The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and contemporary lighting fixtures rent apartments! This is one of my all-time favorite kitchen photos because although you may think we pulled the color out of everything except the plant and the spatulas you’d be wrong! Shades of grey are the name of the game in this kitchen…all I did was push the button. Click!

  1. Details (Elysian at Southern Highlands)

Details, details, details. You’re not supposed to get bogged down in the details – easier said than done when it comes to interior design. From green marble to the brushed stainless fixtures this design makes me smile. What makes this apartment community photo a favorite is the way the light on the floor creates an opposing angle to the counter.

  1. Proximity (Vantage Lofts and Flats)

Location, location, location. Thanks to the selective use of a telephoto lens this photo is one of my favorites. The building with its modern architecture appears to be floating in space just above the Las Vegas strip. The long lens actually pulls the foreground and background closer together. Close enough to the action but far enough for a peaceful retreat.

  1. Dusk Shots (Alta Woodlake Square)

A lot goes into the design of an apartment community and it sure doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting especially in and around the pool area are luxuries not to be missed. This is my all-time favorite dusk shot! Not only because it was the first one that I ever shot for GTMA but because the Texas sky did exactly what it was supposed to.

  1. Pet-Friendly (Aqua Lakeshore East)

We love our pets! Is that a mantra? It should be. If your community is pet-friendly then shout it from the rooftops (figuratively) with a apartment community photo of a cute pooch in the pet park or out and about on the property! This is a favorite of mine because I am convinced that this pooch is smiling for the camera and at the prospect of retrieving that ball. Also, pet parent, pet, ball in one shot? Perfect.

  1. Pool (Sterling Burbank Apts. Baton Rouge, LA)

If you have a pool then I’m a little upset I haven’t been invited over to take a dip. Kidding/not kidding. The pool amenity means fun in the sun and the promise of relaxation. When you have a lazy river you’re on a totally different multi-family planet altogether. This is easily one of my favorite pool shots in my apartment community photos portfolio, because of the problem it posed by being so long and winding. How do I get the entire thing in one photo?! Beg for the keys to the roof and fire away. That’s what I did and the results were quite refreshing.

  1. Neighborhood (Block 17)

Sometimes you get lucky. It’s almost as if I had the entire place hosed down for effect but in reality, it rained all day and I had no choice but to shoot and hope for the best. This shot in Portland, OR couldn’t have worked out better!

  1. Architecture(Shift)

Every modern apartment community has its own unique structural or architectural highlights that allow it to stand apart. But, not all apartment communities photos look like a space station! Perhaps someone will write Shift into the next sci-fi hit!

  1. Unique (Malden Station)

Whether it’s a purple and white breakfast nook or a pool table with red felt instead of green, chances are your neighbors don’t have it and that makes you unique. (P.S. wasn’t kidding about that purple and white breakfast nook) and here it is! Never seen one before and never seen one since. It’s one of my faves because it works all by itself. The designer got it right. Picture perfect!

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