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Top 10 Best Apartment Micro-Moments

As the Chief Creative Officer at GTMA, I love it when we get to do micro-moments. Apartment Micro-Moments are a chance to either find a way to tell a complete story in a very short period of time or an opportunity to focus on one specific aspect of a given community. Sometimes, with apartment micro-moments, 15 seconds is more than enough time to say everything that needs to be said with your apartment video and to tell a great story!

At GTMA, we have created a LOT of apartment micro-moments over the past few years, but here are a few of my favorites.

Pull Back – Waves MDR (Razz Website)

I love this micro-moment because it shows how much “story” you can pack into just 15 seconds. While the shot itself is pretty cool (starting up close on someone by the pool, and then pulling back to show off the entire community), through the use of audio, we also drive home the point of the piece. When we are in the closeup, we hear the typical, upbeat music track in the background that expresses the hip feel of the community. As the shot pulls back and starts to reveal the surrounding area, the music fades away and is replaced by the sounds of the marina. In the span of 15 seconds, we cover the feel and energy of the community while also highlighting the tranquility of the property’s unique location.

Amenity Walk Through – Alta Grande

Often times an apartment micro-moment will highlight one specific aspect of an apartment community. In this case, we get a brief glimpse into a bunch of amenities that are all laid out right next to each other. In 30 seconds we get a stylized video tour of almost all the community’s selling points.

GoPro Maintenance Guy – Indigo

This example of a micro-moment is really fun. I think it captures the personality of the community, while also highlighting the quality of the staff. In a short period of time, we see that this apartment community cares for its residents in that they are always busy fixing and maintaining the building. The brand is placed in there and we also see a peek at some amenities. There is a lot of great information conveyed in a very short period of time.

Proximity – Liberty Mill

I love the simplicity of this one. At first glance, it almost looks like a photo, and then you see the train and text slowly move through the shot. One of the major selling points of an apartment community is the location, and this is a great way to show it off.

Furniture Slide In – Aria

It’s always great when you have an eye-catching piece, and this one certainly is! Aside from the unique visual, this piece paints a good picture of the apartment home finishes at the property.

Rideshare Turnaround – Alexan Buckhead

This micro-moment incorporates several elements that I love. Having people in the piece is always a huge win. I also love the long, smooth movements that can be accomplished with a gimbal or other stabilizing device. The “floating text”, where we can add the verbiage and logo into the existing world, is also an element that I’m a big fan of. The movement of the camera, car, and people show off the space in a practical and engaging way.

GTMA Superbowl Party

This one we did for in-house purposes, but it’s still one of my favorites. It really shows off the people and culture in a way that can be tied to a cultural event; in this case, the Super Bowl. The looping element gives it some extra appeal as it makes the piece eye-catching and hopefully drives the viewer to want to watch a few times to see what they missed.

Walk to the Coffee Shop – West & Fondren

Here is another great example of how you can show off proximity in a cool way using apartment micro-moments, while partnering with a local business.

Take the Plunge – Waves MDR

This one is a great blend of effects and actual footage. It has the “eye-catching” benefits, while also being nuanced and unique.

Soundproof Windows – Indigo

This community was located across the street from a major airport, so the fact that they had soundproof windows was a very important feature to promote as it addressed a possible issue.

In summary, these top 10 apartment micro-moments are some of the best examples of efficient and creative ways to tell the story of your apartment community.

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