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Top 5 Best Apartment Lifestyle Videos

So what’s the deal with Lifestyle Videos and apartments?

Like all of the visual production we create here at GTMA, these pieces are all about the story. Lifestyle videos are the best way to communicate what life could be like for future residents in your apartment community. We try to work in a little of everything – the neighborhood, your community, and we spend some time in the apartment homes as well. Easily our best apartment lifestyle videos have actors (or volunteers) in them – nothing says community like a bunch of smiling faces.

Below is a list of 5 of our favorite apartment lifestyle videos pieces:

#5 – Optima Signature – it’s always a pleasure to work on a lifestyle video that was shot at such a beautiful building in such a beautiful city – the Chicago skyline is one of the most recognizable skylines in the world. The Optima Signature building, a mirrored high-rise, has three full floors of amenities, so this video is packed. From an editing standpoint, I love variety (lots of different shots to choose from, angles, aerial photography, etc), and Optima Signature has it all. We were also able to enlist the help of several volunteer “actors” on the ground, whose presence and participation really added a lot to this piece. The music was the final component, ensuring that this video is modern and exciting.

#4 – Verve – Verve holds a special place in my heart. This video not only looks killer, but it is also a great example of the balance we try to maintain when combining photo + video elements. Verve has some great little stop motion segments and it features our first real experimentation with the “hyper-lapse” technique.

#3 – Riata – To this day, Riata remains of the best examples we have of kinetic transitions between photos and video. The property itself helps this technique along by being so vast – there is no shortage of amenities/floor plans/finishes to transition between. The bits that make Riata stand out, come early on in the piece – trees flying into the frame to foreshadow a transition to the pool, bocci ball transitioning to racquetball, transitioning to a video shot of the local wildlife and the property’s green space – focus pulls and reflections added to the graphics inserted in post. This piece is a great showcase for transitional elements and kinetic energy.

#2 – Twenty20 Mad – Twenty20 Mad is another example of a great branding package making our graphics and kinetic elements look good. There is a lot of green in this video – Twenty20 Mad is located in Seattle, Washington – but also a lot of hip, classy, minimalistic gold and white. To me, along with the music, this lifestyle piece really paints a great picture of the vibe and culture in the Pacific Northwest. Hiking and the outdoors are huge, but there is also a real desire for upscale hipster class and the finer things in life. The use of 3D callouts in this video is one of my favorite implementations – especially the long shot at 40 seconds.

#1 – Shift Apartments – Shift is a brand new community in San Diego CA, and it shows in the building’s staging and finishes. Architecturally, Shift has a very unique look, and that is one of the main reasons this video was one of my favorites to cut. Reason number two: when adding graphics to any given apartment lifestyle video piece, I always try to respect the community’s existing branding. Since Shift is a new building, that guarantees said branding will be current and fresh. In this case, Shift’s branding and colors really help this video stand out. Finally, we had volunteer actors on the ground, smiling faces go a long way when trying to portray what life could be like in a given community.

That’s our list! Do you have any favorites that you were sad to see didn’t make the cut? Reach out to us and let us know!

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